Trial of the Grand Crusader

1. What is Dedicated Insanity?

Dedicated Insanity is an achievement that awards The Argent Defender title to receive the Achievement you must kill Anub with no one using gear obtainable outside of 10 heroic ontop of that you MUST do the boss in one try, anything less and you lose

2. Where does this gear come from?

The gear comes from TOC 10N, TOC 10 Heroic and 232 set of t9 from vendor badges, anything else and you will be unable to recieve the title.

3. But I can just use all 245 itemlevel from toc25 right? same ilevel makes no difference!

Wrong. You can only use TOGC 10 gear, toc 10N gear or 232 gear from outside of ToC, Onyxia gear will also trigger a failure in this respect so it's best to take a few weeks, farm out TOGC 10 weapon chest and get a feel for the fight.

4. Do I need to do anything beyond getting gear?

Yes. It's very important that you get the most out of your toon's potential. by no means is there no excuse not to put the effort into it. You will need to know the boss strat explicitly before hand. You should have the best available enchants/gems in your gear.

5. What is the boss strat?

The boss strat is pretty simple but the slightest mistake can cause a wipe. When you engage the boss, you will all be stacked at the wall behind where the boss spawns.

There will be an assigned RDPS on bringing down 3 frost orbs. 1 at the back of the room (Where you entered) and 1 on one side of the boss and another outside of the big circle the boss will be tanked in All the DPS will stack and be ready to swap instantly to the adds the moment they are up in order to clear the stacks for the offtank. The Offtank will take the 2 adds that spawn onto the closest ice patch near the boss in order to get maximum cleave.

After a certain amount of time has passed the boss will submerge, this is where you and the raid remain completely at the wall unless being chased by the boss with his spikes, if you have a paladin in the raid The paladin will follow the person being chased and put Hand of Protection on them before the spikes have a chance to kill him while the person being chased runs the first spike to the Entrance to the room having the maximum amount of time between target swaps. The other DPS, healers and tanks will remain in the circle and have the adds killed by RDPS before they touch anyone at all with ENRAGED mobs being priority on killing. when the second person gets picked as a target he/she will go stand near the second icepatch in order to be sure not to kite it into the raid. Once the boss hits the second icepatch the third chase will have 10-15 seconds to kite him before he emerges once more.

Clear up whatever adds are left and watch the bosses health, repeat the first phase again, swapping off to adds and keeping an eye on the bosses health whenever the boss comes into the 30% range you're going to want to Stop dpsing the boss and make sure all adds are dead before you push him communication is key in this phase as your healers should be prepared for the swap and have as much mana and cooldowns up as possible in order to save the tanks.

Entering into p2 means you will trigger his life leech, every raid member but the tanks should recieve MINIMUM healing, Players with Penetrating Cold should be healed to 50% and tanks should be topped to 100% but otherwise priest bubbles will be enough.during this phase 2 adds will spawn on the offtank and you MUST kill the boss before the offtank gets killed. Having a hunter Aimed Shot will greatly increase the chances of you finishing the boss in time.

If you followed this guide and the stars aligned in perfect timing, Congratulations you are now The Argent Defender.