Herald of the Titans Faq

1. What is Herald of the Titans?

Herald of the Titans is an Achievement that grants the title Herald of the Titans to receive the Achievement you must kill Algalon in Ulduar 10 with no one in your raid group wearing anything higher than 226 ilvl gear (232 for weapon/off hand/ranged).

2. Where does this gear come from?

There are BiS lists for all classes, but do not limit yourself to just the items on those lists. Try to pick up any and all items you can. Run everything you can get your hands on. Places to farm gear include Naxx 10/25 EoE 10/25, OS 10/25, Ulduar 10/25 You can also get weapons from Toc10normal. Don't forget about toc5 normal/heroic and the ICC 5 mans (Heroic can only use weapons)

3. How long is this going to take? I can only run ICC on all modes constantly and then whine that there's nothing to do!

The gear farm could take you anywhere from 4-8 weeks to accumulate appropriate gear. While you probably won't be working towards full best in slot (because that could take months) Try to be working on getting the best gear possible. Once you start getting a stable amount of gear, and you feel comfortable with your class and spec, you might want to try testing the waters and see how you do. Obviously a trial run through is not going to be an option for everyone but if you can, it won’t hurt.

4. Do I need to do anything beyond getting gear?

Yes. It's very important that you get the most out of your toon's potential. by no means is there no excuse not to put the effort into it. You will need to know the boss strat explicitly before hand. You should have the best available enchants/gems in your gear.

5. What is the boss strat?

The boss strat is pretty simple but the slightest mistake can cause a wipe. When you engage the boss, you’ll most likely have 2 tanks, 3 healers and 5 dps, but sometimes you can choose to add an extra dps by dropping a healer, though a disc priest is almost mandatory every pull if you are not experienced with the Algalon encounter.

Everyone will spread out around the room and pick a spot they can view all the collapsing stars, Melee DPS will be 180 degrees from the Tanks. The tanks will rotate every 3 stacks of the phase shifting debuff in order not to get ported inside. When atank takes 5 stacks he'll be phased out and shifted into the other realm where he is unable to do any damage to the boss and threat will go to the second highest.

Every 25 seconds the boss do an ability called Cosmic Smash. on a random player. This ability puts a small spinning red graphic on the ground. Everyone who is near it needs to get away. If you're hit by the ability you'll take massive damage, be shot into the air and take additional fall damage (if you managed to survive the initial blast) you'll likely die. Don't get hit by these.

In the beginning of the fight he'll summon 4 collapsing stars. It's very important that A ranged dps kill these.They cannot be killed whenever however; it's going to require communication and paying attention. Every time a collapsing star dies it does massive raid wide AoE damage, about 16k per person. Because of your small health pools, you have to make sure everyone is topped off before killing the star, and then quickly top everyone back off before the next one. If you do not kill them, they'll die on their own, causing the massive damage, usually at an inopportune time. Every time a collapsing star dies it causes a black hole to spawn. Please avoid these!, and they're very important later in the fight.

Throughout the fight you will also be getting constellations. These will do damage to people in the raid and will need to be kited into the black holes by a Healer, RDPS or Tank, you must stand in a straight line of where they are traveling from over the blackhole without running through the blackhole.The catch is to not close all the black holes however, because they will be required for the big bang ability.

Every 90 seconds Algalon will cast Big Bang. This move will wipe the raid, unless everyone but the Shadow Priest (Who must pop disperse) or Tank (Who must pop a cool down that is NOT an immunity cool down) goes into (hopefully the same) black hole. Please be aware that you're only shifted for a short time so you MUST move away from where you entered. While shifted you will be taking damage so using personal cool downs as necessary Like Barkskin, Divine Guardian,Priest Bubbles to avoid dying it will also help your healers out. There will be adds wandering around that will hit you with physical damage,you will also be taking increasing ticking shadow damage while being inside. The mobs hurt so your best defense is to run from them. After the big bang goes off threat is reset. So it's very important that the tank picks him up and re-establishes threat.

This will continue until 20%, at this point you will switch into phase 2. In phase 2 everything will despawn and Algalon will summon 4 black holes in the corners of the middle of the room. Every 30 seconds an add from the other realm will come out of the holes. The tank not currently tanking Algalon will be required to pick up the adds and tank them away from the group while the group burns down the boss. It's recommended that at 20% you switch tanks, so you have a fresh tank on the boss, and have almost a full minute before he would be phase shifted and have a messy swap. It's important you kill Algalon before this point because 1 of 2 things can happen. 1) you'll have to tank swap with multiple adds, or 2) you'll have so many adds up, your raid will be overwhelmed. (Currently: as of today 19/06/18 on Warmane, the Adds do no damage and automatically evade making this phase a burn phase for everyone including healers)

If you followed this guide. Congratulations you are now a Herald of the Titans